18 Mar Our Favorite Color Trends!

As spring approaches, it’s time to try something new with your winter color. Whether you’re looking for a natural way to ease into spring or want to make a splash, we’ve rounded up our favorite trends of 2016 so far!

Some of our favorites:


Kristin Ess from The Beauty Department says what makes this trend stand apart from traditional ombre is a mix of at least 3 warm colors. Like ombre, the darkest color should be near the roots and the lighter colors should surround and flow down to create the tortoiseshell dimension.

Now A Thing: Tortoise Shell Hair Color:

Crystal Ash

This is the perfect trend to try if you’re tired of platinum and want to transition cleanly from cool winter tones to the lightness of spring. The key to this color is to lift the hair to a pale blonde with cool tones. This trend works best on healthy and minimally damaged hair so the hair doesn’t look fried. You want to achieve the lightness and dimension of a crystal in a window.


Oil Slick

A personal favorite of our stylists, this trend is for the risk taker in all of us. Getting an all over fashion color is time consuming AND damaging. What’s great about the oil slick trend is that, while it does involve lifting your base color, you risk no damage from your roots to mid shaft. Layering dark purples, blues, and greens on top of each other through balayage gives brunette hair the iridescent feel of an oil slick. This trend is best if you have dark hair but want to stand out in a crowd.

Oil Slick Hair Color: